Katie Kuksenok
AT&T Labs Fellowship Award Winner

language barriers faster than any human. However, current approaches struggle with the textual ... sentences that have already been translated between two languages. A corpus may have

From S to R: 35 Years of AT&T Leadership in Statistical Computing
on work done at AT&T. The S language, created at Bell Labs by Richard Becker, John Chambers, and Allan Wilks was among the first programming languages created for data analysis. Sim

Language Processing as Signal Processing
Florham Park auditorium false signal processing, language processing, Mari Ostendorf Mari Ostendorf ... and language processing. Her work has resulted in over 200 publications and 2 pap

Beyond Jeopardy! The Future of DeepQA
, natural language understanding, AT&T Distinguished Speaker Series David Ferrucci In a classic ... . Ferrucci focuses on technologies for automatically discovering valuable knowledge in na

Speech translation
AT&T Research is developing a real-time speech-to-speech translation technology so the translation starts as soon as speech is detected.

Assistive Technology
At AT&T Labs - Research, we apply our speech, language and media technologies to give people with disabilities more independence, privacy and autonomy.

Harvesting parallel text in multiple languages with limited supervision
Harvesting parallel text in multiple languages with limited supervision Luciano Barbosa1 V ivek ... models in speech and language applications. In this paper, we present semi-supervis

Tracking Changes in Language
1 Tracking Changes in Language John Grothendieck Abstract One recent field of study is the extraction of useful information from changes in a data stream including natural language.

System and method of ubiquitous language translation for wireless devices
device receives from a wireless network an updated priority target language list according ... speech recognition (ASR), text-to-speech (TTS) services and language translation services

On-Demand Language Translation For Television Programs
. A translation module including at least one language pair module for translating a source language to a target language may be made available for use by a subscriber. The subscr