Getting and Understanding the Bigger Picture
are needed to make sense of the vast amounts of data being collected—and may lead to more ... may intrude into the space of a previous node; many iterations may be needed until

Attacking Asthma with Advanced Telehealth Monitoring
true Those who suffer from asthma may soon benefit from a device that warns that an asthma attack is likely. The devicemaker? AT&T. As healthcare becomes increasingly data-driven thanks to

Beyond Jeopardy! The Future of DeepQA
. This talk will take place May 30 at 3:30 in Florham Park as part of AT&T’s Distinguished Speaker ...

Mobilizing Health
May 9 at 3:30 in the auditorium. Non-AT&T visitors should pre-register. Deborah Estrin is Jon ...

CoCITe – Coordinating Changes in Text
CoCITe is a text mining tool for discovering and flagging unexpected word frequency changes that may be early indicators of serious events.

Content Analytics - distill content into visual and statistical representations
Content analytics break down audio and video content into smaller visual or statistical representations for easier detection of anomalies, trends, and patterns.

Identifying the Extent of Completeness of Query Answers over Partially Complete Databases
or network is- sues, data may be temporarily unavailable or generally nonexistent. Hence, not all data needed for query answering may be available. In this paper, we propose a natural

CPM: Adaptive VoD with Cooperative Peer Assist and Multicast
. Alternately, entire streams may also be multicast if the clients are willing to tolerate ... of the cable provider). There may be a hierarchy below each CO, with secondary hubs that <

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Introduction to Video Search Engines
David Gibbon Introduction to Video Search Engines May International World Wide Web Conference WWW2006