The Data-Driven Approach to Network Management: Innovation Delivered
capability. With each event generating alarms at multiple layers and multiple devices, it’s hard to even ... measures, network and customer tickets, and other sources. Data is collated

Spam texts: What's being done?
spam is actually spam. Originally, AT&T waited for multiple customer reports of the same number ... text that passes over the network leaves multiple clues about its existence—from

On the Internet Someone Knows You Are A Dog
;. Balachander will report on a longitudinal study consisting of multiple snapshots of examination

You Can Run But You Can Not Hide - Chronicles of Defect Prediction
what we have learned from applying the model to six large industrial systems, each with multiple years

Daytona is AT&T’s database system for warehousing immense amounts of data while providing the capability to query and retrieve data within seconds, even from tables containing over a trillion records.

DataDepot and its associated toolchain enable the fast construction and easy maintenance of very large real-time stream warehouses.

Asymmetric multiple description lattice vector quantizers
174 IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INFORMATION THEORY, VOL. 48, NO. 1, JANUARY 2002 Asymmetric Multiple ... , and Vinay A. Vaishampayan, Member, IEEE Abstract—We consider the design of asymmetric

Exploiting the ASR N-Best by tracking multiple dialog state hypotheses
Exploiting the ASR N-Best by tracking multiple dialog state hypotheses Jason D. Williams AT&T ... - ploit this information, this paper argues that a dialog model that tracks a distribution

A multiple-port, distributed frame buffer has been recently pro- posed to support parallel rendering ... experiments with the system we have developed. Our results indicate that placing a

Generalized third-party call control in SIP networks
Eric Cheung, Pamela Zave Generalized thirdparty call control in SIP networks Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Principles Systems and Applications of IP Telecommunications 45-68 SpringerVerlag LNCS 5310