Tech View: Cognitive Radio for Multimedia Home Networks
Networks Introduction The Digital TV Transition, which marks the end of commercial analog TV broadcasts ... . Applications ranging from large-scale Regional Area Networks (RANs) and mes

A Collaboration: Network Coding + Reliability
are combining practical and theoretical solutions to make wireless networks reliable and efficient ... networks more reliable and thus avoid the communications failures that can result

Vis-à-Vis: Online Social Networking via Virtual Individual Servers
false social networks (OSNs) privacy concerns Ramón Cáceres is a Lead Member of Technical Staff at AT&T Labs. His research interests include mobile and pervasive computing, wireless network

Making the Mobile Web Fast
Science at Harvard, where he worked on projects ranging from deploying wireless sensor networks ... for mobile networks. Our team at Google is working to solve this problem, by optimiz

Darkstar is a comprehensive network data resource and architecture that normalizes data from across AT&T networks and makes it easily accessible from one place.

Wireless Network Data Mining and Analytics
Wireless networks generate large amount of data, which often outpaces our ability to gather, parse, analyze, understand and infer from it.

Geocast for Wireless Sensor Networks
Geocast for Wireless Sensor Networks Rajesh Krishna Panta, Robert J. Hall, Josh Auzins, Maria ... protocol for sensor networks is geocast. It allows a sensor node to send messages to al

Mitigating the Effects of Software Component Shifts for Incremental Reprogramming of Wireless Sensor Networks
Sensor Networks Rajesh Krishna Panta, Member, IEEE, and Saurabh Bagchi, Senior Member, IEEE Computer ... networks because software functionality needs to be changed over time. The amou

Generalized third-party call control in SIP networks
Eric Cheung, Pamela Zave Generalized thirdparty call control in SIP networks Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Principles Systems and Applications of IP Telecommunications 45-68 SpringerVerlag LNCS 5310

100 GBit Networks
Video on 100 GBit Network