Photon Entanglement over the Fiber-Optic Network
contributions to fiber-optic communications focused on optical transmission systems and the physics ... prime research interest is in photon entanglement and entanglement decoherence mechanis

Yifan Sun
AT&T Labs Fellowship Award Winner

are part and parcel of her summer project within the Optical Systems Research Department at AT&T ... engineering, it is this: optical signals have to be converted to electrical sig

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Choudhury, Gagan L.
Lead Member of Technical Staff at ORCA, AT&T Labs Research. PhD in Electrical Enginneering, IEEE Fellow, AT&T Fellow, ~100 External papers, ~25 patents.

Optical Network Management and Control
as presented, with the exception of pagination. INVITED PAPER Optical Network Management and Control This article discusses optical network management, control, and operation from the p

Detail study of IP/Reconfigurable Optical Network Architectures
Research, 180 Park Avenue, Florham Park, NJ 07932 Detail Study of IP/ Reconfiguable Optical Network Architectures( Abstract—IP over reconfigurable optical network archtectures have bee

Optical Society of America Fellow, 2006
Optical Society of America Optical Society of America Fellow, 2006 2006

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