The Data-Driven Approach to Network Management: Innovation Delivered
on the network being ultra-reliable and providing seamless performance. This places the onus on network ... of glitches, understanding how network performance impacts different service

Developers: Make energy efficiency a part of your app development environment
to correct for inefficiencies and thus improve the performance of their app. License type ARO is offered ... site. Best practices for app developers Performance problems in apps are du

Beyond Jeopardy! The Future of DeepQA
and have demonstrated world-class performance at a task previously thought insurmountable ... players at the Jeopardy ! quiz show. Attaining champion-level performance at Jeopardy ! re

The Art and Science of Matching Items to Users
B-104 false Recommender systems Deepak Agarwal Deepak Agarwal is a statistician at Yahoo! who is interested in developing statistical and machine learning methods to enhance the performance of

Wireless Demand Forecasting, Network Capacity Analysis, and Performance Optimization
State-of-the art analytical approaches encompassing statistical methods, constraint optimization techniques, queuing models, graph theory, and network flow models for wireless traffic engineering.

AT&T Application Resource Optimizer (ARO) - For energy-efficient apps
The AT&T Application Resource Optimizer (ARO) is a free diagnostic tool that helps developers optimize their mobile applications so they conserve battery power and respond faster to user input.

Oppenheim, Richard F.
VoIP Performance; Call Detail Record Correlation & Data Mining for DPM and Traffic Analysis; Signature Based Performance Testing; Performance Analysis of Unix Based Systems; Simulation.

Aftab, Syed A.
Advanced software platforms and applications for network performance and analytics, D2 Services design and Big Data technologies.

AccuLoc: Practical Localization of Performance Measurements in 3G Networks
AccuLoc: Practical Localization of Performance Measurements in 3G Networks Qiang Xu1 Alexandre ... Operators of 3G data networks have to distinguish the performance of each geographic a

Rapid Detection of Maintenance Induced Changes in Service Performance
Rapid Detection of Maintenance Induced Changes in Service Performance Ajay Mahimkar‡, Zihui Ge ... to continuouslymonitorthe network and look for any performance impacts. What oper- ati

Support vector machines: relevance feedback and information retrieval
Harris Drucker, Harris Drucker, Harris Drucker Support vector machines relevance feedback and information retrieval Information Processing and Management 3 38 March 305-323

performance pro les as a tool for evaluating and comparing the performance of serial sparse direct ... a substantial performance advantage over more robust approaches that searc