Statistics Can Find You a Movie, Part 2
. Koren started the competition while at AT&T Research, then moved to Yahoo! in September 2008 while ... appeared. Much earlier, in September, the team basho (John Tomfohr) had blog

Statistics Can Find You a Movie, Part 1
! in September 2008 while remaining on the BellKor team. Robert Bell. A statistician specializing ... snapshot shows BellKor seeming to have a good lead as of 5:00 pm September 30, the

Taking off the Blindfold: Visualizing Dynamic State
Florham Park Auditorium false Bret Victor, coding, programming, visualizing data structures Bret Victor A programmer often codes blindly while imagining invisible data structures, occasionally executi

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Activation Detection on fMRI time series using Hidden Markov Model
. 303– 305, September 2011. [20] O. David, “fmri connectivity, meaning and empiricism: Comments ... selection, causality and deconvolution,” in NeuroImage, vol. 58, pp. 306–309,

Model-Driven Domain Adaptation on Product Manifolds for Unconstrained Face Recognition September 29, 2013 DRAFT 2 I. INTRODUCTION Face recognition has been one ... operators over a vector space, their September 29, 2013 DRAFT 3 generalization,

Multimedia Content Adaptation
David Gibbon Multimedia Content Adaptation Encyclopedia of Multimedia September Springer

Implementation of an M2SPS Color Printer
R. V. Kollarits, RV Kollarits Implementation of an M2SPS Color Printer 11355-870928-05TMS September ATT Technical Document