Tech View: Cognitive Radio for Multimedia Home Networks
and was the keynote speaker at Infocom 2002 (New York) and ICCCP 2005 (Muscat, Oman). 0 Paul Henry ...

Distinguished Speaker: Hackers and Inventors
false Pablos Holman, hackers, futurist Pablos Holman Pablos Holman, a computer hacker with no formal education (also an inventor and technology futurist), will discuss invention projects under way at

speech, speaker verification AT&T SAFE ATT_SAFE_UC_Enterprise_Client.mp4 false false A demonstration of authentication using AT&T SAFE. ...

Enhanced Indexing and Representation with Vision-Based Biometrics
Leveraging visual biometrics for indexing and representations of content for retrieval and verification.

Video - Analytics and Indexing
A background on analytics and indexing (i.e. metadata), their production, and use. Links to projects within the AT&T Video and Multimedia Technologies and Research Department.

Large-Scale Analysis for Interactive

Media Consumption
, mid-level semantic classifiers of images, speech recognition, speaker segmenta- tion, face detection ... audio detection methods. Speaker Segmentation and Clustering Speaker se

Real-time Incremental Speech-to-Speech Translation of Dialogs
in English and Spanish. A bilingual (English-Spanish) speaker created dialog scenarios in the travel ... participated in the data collection, a male English speaker and female Spanish

Neil Sloane Summer Speaker Series 2009
Video of Neil Sloane in Summer Speaker Series 2009

A System for Searching and Browsing Spoken Communications
Lee Begeja, Lee Begeja, Lee Begeja, Lee Begeja, Lee Begeja, Lee Begeja A System for Searching and Browsing Spoken Communications May HLTNAACL Workshop on Interdisciplinary Approaches to Speech Indexing and Retrieval