The Data-Driven Approach to Network Management: Innovation Delivered
is disruptive to real-time applications such as voice and video. Since any resent packets would be obsolete ... is judged by the user experience. If pixels are missing from a video ima

Sean Sanders
AT&T Labs Fellowship Award Winner

the hottest app? Because it could impact the network. Some apps, particularly those that stream video ... —gaming, news, streaming (music and video), and seasonal—are used differently o

MIRACLE video content analysis
false MIRACLE, video, assistive technology MIRACLE video content analysis Demonstration of the MIRACLE video content analysis engine. miracle_dc.mp4 false ... Demonstration of th

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VidCat - Simplified Personal Photo and Video Managmenet
VidCat permits simplified personal photo and video management (i.e. a Video Catalog) from a webpage or your favorite mobile device.

Video - Content Delivery and Consumption
A background on the delivery and consumption of video and multimedia and references to projects within the AT&T Video and Multimedia Technologies and Services Research Department.

Gibbon, David C.
Lead Member of Technical Staff, Video and Multimedia Technologies and Services Research

Zavesky, Eric
Research of interactive video indexing and retrieval, multimodal interfaces (text, image, speech, touch, visual gesture), content processing, machine learning, biometrics, data mining, and NLP.

Over The Top Video: the Gorilla in Cellular Networks
Over The Top Video: the Gorilla in Cellular Networks Jeffrey Erman, Alexandre Gerber, K.K ... technologies. A key application driving that growth is video streaming. Yet very little i

Mobile Video Delivery: Challenges and Opportunities
fraction of the Inter-net traffic today. Globally, IP video traffic will be 79 percent of all Internet traffic in 2018, excluding video shared through peer-to- peer file sharing.1 In t

System And Method Of Providing Video Content
A method of providing video content is disclosed that includes receiving video content associated with a television stream from a video source at a server of a video distri

System And Method For Notification Of Events Of Interest During A Video Conference
an event of interest in video conference data for a plurality of video conference participants ... for receiving at an end user device, a notification of an event of interest in a