Gagan L. Choudhury

Choudhury, Gagan L.
200 S Laurel Ave - Bldg B
Middletown, NJ

I am a Lead Member of Technical Staff in the "Optimization, Reliability and Customer Analytics" Department of  AT&T Labs research.
I became an IEEE Fellow in 2009 for "contributions to design and analysis of telecommunications networks and routing protocols" and became an AT&T Fellow in 2009 for "outstanding contributions to performance analysis and robust design and their application to improving the performance, reliability and scalability of AT&T’s networks".  I am also a past recipient of Marcel Neuts award (1997), got honorable mention in Frederick Lanchester Prize (1997) and was a finalist in Eta Kappa Nu's outstanding Young Electrical Engineering Competition (1989).
I have a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the State University of New York at Stony Brook, have about 100 externally published papers (Journal + Conference) and have about 25 US Patents.
My key expertise are in the optimization, modeling and design of Software Defined Networks and Cellular/IP/Optical Networks
My specialties include:
1. LTE Air Interface modeling/design/optimization
2. Software Defined Networks (SDN) Controller modeling/optimization
3. IP Network Design/optimization
4. MPLS Traffic Engineering and Fast Reroute.
5. IP Multicast Protocols
6. Convergence Time, Scalability and Stability of Control Protocols
7. Voice Call Quality and Adaptive De-jitter Buffer Modeling.
8. Voice and Data Over IP Over Cable (DOCSIS).
9. Steady state and Transient modeling of Networks
10. Algorithms for Multidimensional Transform Inversion.
11. Queueing Theory (Transient Analysis, Polling, Matrix Analytic Techniques).

Technical Documents

Improving Convergence Speed and Scalability in OSPF: A Survey
Gagan Choudhury, Aman Shaikh, Mohd Soperi Mohd Zahid, Mukul Goyal, Emmanuel Baccelli, Hossein Hosseini, Kishore Trivedi
IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials,  2012.  [BIB]


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Methods, Apparatus And Articles Of Manufacture To Select Label Switched Paths (LSPs) For Preemption, September 2, 2014
Method And Apparatus For Managing Voice Call Quality Over Packet Networks, August 12, 2014
Method And System For De-Sychronizing Link State Message Refreshes, April 15, 2014
Methods And Apparatus To Design A Survivable Internet Protocol Link Topology, March 25, 2014
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Method and Apparatus for Transporting Private Line Traffic over an ATM Network, April 27, 2004
IEEE Fellow, 2009. For contributions to design and analysis of telecommunication networks and routing protocols.