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Currently, I'm Senior Inventive Scientist (researcher) at AT&T Labs Research. I have worked on following subjects:

I am particularly interested in the application of exact algorithms (mixed integer based) and heuristics like genetic algorithms, variable neighborhood search, and GRASP, to deal with real large-scale problems in network design and orchestration/operation (including SDNs). Several problems emerge in this context such as networking planning (several Steiner-tree-like problems), physical and virtual resource location and deployment (facility-location-like problems) used in network function virtualization, among others. Such problems are particularly attractive due to the large scale nature. For example, on Internet of Things environments, we talk about millions of devices that the optimization must consider.

Although I have done a lot of work in network optimization, I also interest on clustering problems, big data and analytics, and operations research in general.

My formation:

Before joined to AT&T Research Labs, I was a postdoctorate fellow at H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial & Systems Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology under the supervision of Professor George L. Nemhauser and Professor Shabbir Ahmed.

My full resume is on Brazilian Lattes Curricula Platform (partly in English) or PDF Format.

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