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It has been exciting times in optimization field. Several changes have happen and a lot of new opportunities are emerging in out field. Analytics becomes more and more important though the collection of massive data. Lot of procedures, before manual, can be do automatically due to automation and virtualization. In several parts, different optimization problems can be spotted, some old ones with new clothes but also new faces.

AT&T has dedicated a lot of enforce in several research areas. Optimization is a particular area that always we can find interesting problems in AT&T. These problems extend from network design, through network and datacenter operations, resource optimization, among several others. AT&T also provides a very nice research environment and infrastructure. Experiments that take weeks or months to be performed on 3 or 4 machines, can be done in days, maybe hours using the massive clusters we have here.

I am interested in to host long term visitors as PhD students, postdoctorate interns, as much as short term visitors. I think it always nice to dedicate a little bit of time here to learn about the problems and build together solution to them. Collaboration is the key, and I would like to collaborate with you.

Note: I speak Portuguese and English. Unfortunately, I cannot speak Spanish. So please, send me emails in either Portuguese or English.

Coming to AT&T

Basically, there are two forms to come to here: summer internship and external collaborations. Both options have positive and negative sides.

In the summer internships, the intern will spend 10 weeks at AT&T Labs working a mentor. Usually it happens from June to August during the north hemisphere summer. The advantage is that the intern is paid by AT&T and the salary is very competitive when compare to other companies. We may find more about on sites like glassdoor (indeed, I cannot discuss this here or other place). The downside is that is only 10 weeks and the process does not depend on me. It is a global company process, with a general hiring committee. But, if you decide submit and would like to work with me, let me know. You may find more info in

Long term visitors/interns may spend more time at AT&T, usually from 6 moths to 1 year (or more). In such cases, the visitor must be enrolled in some institution or company. In this cases, the visitor institution and AT&T will make a cooperation agreement. This usually takes some time, dependent on the case (4 to 6 months, even more). So, plan already and take this in account. The advantage is that AT&T, your institution, and depending of the case, you will share rights in patents if filled. Another advantage is that, since you will be at AT&T for a long period, you will have the opportunity to work in several problems. For instance, when I was a long term visitor from 2012 to 2014, I had 2 papers published and 2 projects going on after left. I had other 2 projects I brought to AT&T that time that, collaborating with people there and using AT&T infrastructure, become papers in top notch conferences. IT WAS AWESOME. The downside is that unfortunately AT&T does not pay the visitor. So, you MUST have external funding.

For Brazilians: CAPES, CNPq, and FAPESP have financing lot of peoples to come to AT&T. So, I am VERY INCLINED to help you in your project to come here.

Not coming to AT&T

Cannot coming? Let talk in other ways to collaborate. Lot of problems can be discuss in conferences, meetings, even remotely.

Some useful tips

If you intend to come, here is some useful tips. Indeed, these are general tips that can help in any situation:

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