Zihui Ge

Ge, Zihui
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Technical Documents

AESOP: Automatic Policy Learning for Predicting and Mitigating Network Service Impairments
Supratim Deb, Zihui Ge, Sastry Isukapalli, Sarat Puthenpura, Shobha Venkataraman, He Yan, Jennifer Yates
ACM KDD,  2017.  [PDF]  [BIB]

ACM Copyright

Quantifying the Service Performance Impact of SON Controller Actions
Ajay Mahimkar, David Applegate, Swati Roy, Nick Feamster, Zihui Ge, Shomik Pathak, Sarat Puthenpura
IFIP/IEEE CNSM,  2016.  [PDF]  [BIB]

IFIP Copyright

Libra: Impact Assessment of Cellular Load Balancing
Ajay Mahimkar, Zihui Ge, Aman Shaikh, Jia Wang, Kanthi Nagaraj, Mark Stockert, Kevin Mohr

Crossroads: A Practical Data Sketching Solution for Mining Intersection of Streams
Jia Wang, ZHenglin Yu, Zihui Ge, He Yan, Xu, Lall
ACM IMC 2014 Conference,  2014.  [LINK]  [BIB]

Robust Assessment of Changes in Cellular Networks
Ajay Mahimkar, Zihui Ge, Jennifer Yates, Hristo Hristov, Vincent Cordaro, C Smith, Jing Xu, Mark Stockert
ACM CoNEXT 2013,  2013.  [LINK]  [BIB]

ACM Copyright

Modeling Cellular User Mobility using a Leap Graph
Zihui Ge, Seungjoon Lee, Jeffrey Pang, Nicholas Duffield, Wei Dong
14th Passive and Active Measurement Conference,  2013.  [PDF]  [BIB]

Springer Copyright

ALERT-ID: Analyze Logs of the network Element in Real Time for Intrusion Detection
Zihui Ge, Jie Chu, Richard Huber, Ping Ji, Yung Yu, Jennifer Yates
15th International Symposium on Research in Attacks, Intrusions and Defenses,  2012.  [PDF]  [BIB]

Springer Copyright

Firewall Fingerprinting
Dan Pei, Zihui Ge, Jia Wang, Amir R. Khakpour (Michigan State University), Josh Hulst (Michigan State University), Alex X. Liu (Michigan State University)
IEEE INFOCOM 2012,  2012.  [PDF]  [BIB]

IEEE Copyright

Q-score: Proactive Service Quality Assessment in a Large IPTV System
Jia Wang, Zihui Ge, Jennifer Yates, Ajay Mahimkar, Andrea Basso, Min Chen, Han Hee Song, Yin Zhang
ACM Internet Measurement Conference,  2011.  [PDF]  [BIB]

ACM Copyright

Rapid Detection of Maintenance Induced Changes in Service Performance
Ajay Mahimkar, Zihui Ge, Jia Wang, Jennifer Yates, Yin Zhang, Joanne Emmons, Brian Huntley, Mark Stockert
ACM CoNEXT (International Conference on emerging Networking EXperiments and Technologies),  2011.  [PDF]  [BIB]

ACM Copyright

3G Meets the Internet -- Understanding Performance Issues due to Hierarchical Routing in 3G Networks
Seungjoon Lee, Zihui Ge, University of Texas Wei Dong
ITC 2011,  2011.  [PDF]  [BIB]

ITC Copyright

Analyzing IPTV Set-Top Box Crashes
Jia Wang, Zihui Ge, Jennifer Yates, Han Song, Ajay Mahimkar, Yin Zhang
ACM Sigcomm Workshop on Home Networks,  2011.  [PDF]  [BIB]

ACM Copyright

Argus: End-to-End Service Anomaly Detection and Localization From an ISP’s Point of View
He Yan, Ashley Flavel, Zihui Ge, Alexandre Gerber, Dan Massey, Christos Papadopoulos, Hiren Shah, Jennifer Yates
Infocom 2012,  2011.  [PDF]  [BIB]

IEEE Copyright

Listen to Me if You can: Tracking user experience of mobile network on social media
Jia Wang, Zihui Ge, Jennifer Yates, Junlan Feng, Jun Xu, Tongqing Qiu
ACM/USENIX Internet Measurement Conference,  2010.  [PDF]  [BIB]

ACM Copyright

What Happened in my Network? Mining Network Events from Router Syslogs
Jia Wang, Zihui Ge, Dan Pei, Tongqing Qiu, Jun Xu
ACM/USENIX Interent Measurement Conference,  2010.  [PDF]  [BIB]

ACM Copyright

G-RCA: A Generic Root Cause Analysis Platform for Service Quality Management in Large ISP Networks
Zihui Ge, Jennifer Yates, Lee Breslau, Dan Pei, He Yan, Dan Massey
ACM CONEXT 2010,  2010.  [PDF]  [BIB]

ACM Copyright

Network Management: Fault Management, Performance Management and Planned Maintenance
Jennifer Yates, Zihui Ge
2009.  [LINK]  [BIB]

Towards Automated Performance Diagnosis in a Large IPTV Network
Zihui Ge, Aman Shaikh, Jia Wang, Jennifer Yates, Qi Zhao, Ajay Mahimkar, Yin Zhang
2009.  [PDF]  [BIB]

Troubleshooting Chronic Conditions in Large IP Networks
Jennifer Yates, Aman Shaikh, Jia Wang, Zihui Ge, Cheng Ee, Ajay Mahimkar, Yin Zhang
2008.  [PDF]  [BIB]

Supporting Internet Protocol (IPTV) in Backbone Networks: Design of Robust Routing Strategies
Jennifer Yates, Zihui Ge, Aman Shaikh, Meeyoung Cha, Wanpracha Chaovalitwongse, Sue Moon
2006.  [PDF]  [BIB]


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AT&T Science and Technology Award, 2012. For technical innovation and leadership in creating platforms for service quality management and network management in IP and mobility networks.