Saeed S. Ghassemzadeh

Ghassemzadeh, Saeed S.
180 Park Ave - Building 103
Florham Park, NJ
Subject matter expert in Communication system design, analysis, simulation and integration/testing, wireless channel measurement and field testing, wireless channel characterization and modeling.

Saeed Ghassemzadeh received his Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from the City University of New York in 1994.

From 1989-1992, he was with SCS Mobilecom, a wireless technology development company, where he conducted research in the areas of propagation and CDMA systems. In 1992, SCS Mobilecom merged with IMM (International Mobile Machines) to form InterDigital Communications corp.. From 1992-1995, While pursuing his Ph.D., he worked as a principal research engineer at InterDigital, where he conducted research in the areas of fixed/mobile wireless channels and was involved in system design/development, integration,  and testing of Broadband CDMA systems. During the same time, he was also an adjunct lecturer at City University of New York.

In 1995, he joined AT&T Wireless communication center of excellence at AT&T Bell-Labs as a member of technical staff involved in design and development of the fixed wireless base station development team. He also conducted research in areas of CDMA access technologies, propagation channel measurement and modeling, satellite communications, wireless local area networks and coding in wireless systems. Currently, he is a principal member of technical staff in Communication Technology Research department at AT&T Labs-Research, Florham Park, NJ. His current research interest includes wireless channel measurement and modeling, wireless LANs, remote tele-health monitoring and THz communication.

Saeed is an editor for IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications and Journal of Communications and Networks. He is an  IEEE Fellow and a member of IEEE communication society and IEEE Vehicular technology society.

IEEE Fellow, 2013. For contributions to measurement and modeling of broadband wireless channels and their applications to system design.

Recent Conference Papers

Optimum Cognitive Radio Transmission Scheme for Reducing Average Interference Power
Canadian Workshop on Information Theory - 2011,  May 2011.  [BIB]

Group Randomness Properties of Pseudo-Noise and Gold Sequences
Canadian Workshop on Information Theory - 2011,  May 2011.  [BIB]

TAS Protocols of a PASD system with limited feedback information
IEEE Global Communication Conference 2009,  Dec. 2009.  [BIB]

Wireless Neighborhood Area Network Path Loss Characterization at 5.7 GHz
IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference - Fall 2010,  Sep. 2010.  [BIB]

Service Coverage for Cognitive Radio Networks with Cooperative Relays in Shadowed Hotspot Areas
IEEE Wireless Communications & Networking Conference- 2011,  Mar. 2011.  [BIB]

Recent Journal Papers

Beam Selection Gain Versus Antenna Selection Gain
IEEE Transactions on Information Theory,  Accepted for Publication.  [BIB]

On Effects of Antenna Pointing Accuracy For on-the-move Satellite Networks
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 2011,  Accepted for Publications.  [BIB]

Rate of Channel Hardening of Antenna Selection Diversity Schemes and Its Implication on Scheduling
IEEE Transactions on Information Theory,  v55,  #10,  pp 4353-4365 ,  Oct. 2009.  [BIB]

An Empirical Model for Dual-Diversity Reception over Fixed Wireless Channels in Suburban Macrocell Environments
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications,  v8,  #8,  pp 4220 - 4229,  Aug. 2009.  [BIB]

Ricean K-Factors in Narrowband Fixed Wireless Channels: Theory, Experiments and Statistical Models
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology,  v58,  #8,  pp 4000-4012,  Oct. 2009.  [BIB]


Narrowband Interference Rejection For Ultra-Wideband Systems, March 26, 2013
Ultra-Wide Bandwidth System And Method For In-Premises Wireless Networking, March 13, 2012
Method And Apparatus For GPS Coordinates Extrapolation When GPS Signals Are Not Available, December 21, 2010
Arrangement For Synchronizing Access Points In WLAN Using Direct-Sequence Spread Spectrum Signaling, February 2, 2010
System And Method For Generating Orthogonal Codes, March 24, 2009
Multi-antenna/multi-receiver array diversity system, November 25, 2008
Ultra-wide bandwidth system and method for in-premises wireless networking, March 6, 2007
Multi-antenna/multi-receiver array diversity system, December 26, 2006
Method for whitening spread spectrum codes, July 11, 2006
System and method for generating orthogonal codes, March 2, 2004


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