Danilo Giulianelli

Giulianelli, Danilo
1 AT&T WAY - Room 4D178D

Danilo Giulianelli started his career at Italtel Sit in Milan, where he worked as software developer and integrator on the DACScan(TM)-2000 Controller OSS product, a distributed application controllingDACS V Digital Cross-Connect Systems.

Danilo then joined Bell Labs in 1994 where he worked as a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff on several broadband access projects for Alcatel-Lucent (formerly AT&T):

* HFC-2000 - an Hybrid Fiber-Coax system carrying TV and telephony to customer premises.
* AnyMedia Access System DLC - a flexible, high-density, multiservice access platform supporting both narrowband and broadband services using plug-and-play application packs.
* 7342 ISAM FTTU - an Giga bit Ethernet/IP-based passive optical networking system (GPON), enabling service providers to realize ultra-broadband and triple play services.

As a lead software architect and developer, he contributed to these products in areas such as user interface (TL1, SNMP), call processing (SIP), database management, fault tolerance,and real-time object-oriented modeling.

Danilo Giulianelli joined AT&T Research in Florham Park in July 2007 and is working for the IP & Voice services Lab on highly scalable speech and multimodal platforms. He graduated from the University of Pisa, Italy, and holds two U.S. patents.


Speech Mashup, The AT&T speech mashup is a web service that implements speech tasks for web applications, enabling users of smart phones and other devices to use and hear voice communications.