Gueyoung Jung

Jung, Gueyoung
1 At&t Way
Bedminster, NJ

Gueyoung Jung is a Senior Inventive Scientist at Cloud Technologies & Services Research group in Bedminster NJ. Before joining AT&T, he received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from Georgia Tech in 2010. He was a senior research scientist in Xerox PARC for 4 years since 2010, and occasionally served as an adjunct professor at University of Rochester teaching Analytical Cloud Computing. He also worked as a system developer for 5 years in industry before starting Ph.D. program. Gueyoung’s research background is in Distributed Systems and Data-intensive Computing. In particular, his current research interests are in the design of large-scaled distributed systems and the development of predictive, QoS optimization for cloud applications, by adopting many techniques in Distributed Systems, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Analysis Modeling. Gueyoung has authored and co-authored 30 technical publications in prestigious conferences and journals, and has 20 US patents in related research areas. He has built a cost-effective resource optimization engine (Mistral) while working at AT&T Labs - Research, and a cloud recommendation system (CloudAdvisor, the 1st winner of 2013 IEEE Cloud Cup contest) when worked at Xerox PARC.

Technical Documents

Valet: Holistic Data Center Optimization for OpenStack
Joe D'Andrea, Kaustubh Joshi, Matti Hiltunen, Gueyoung Jung, Bharath Balasubramanian
OpenStack Summit,  2016.  [PDF]  [BIB]

Ostro: Scalable Placement Optimization of Complex Application Topologies in Large-Scale Data Centers
Gueyoung Jung, Matti Hiltunen, Kaustubh Joshi, Rajesh Panta, Richard Schlichting
IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems,  2015.  [PDF]  [BIB]

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