Kathleen Meier-hellstern

Meier-hellstern, Kathleen
200 S Laurel Ave - Room D5-3D02
Middletown, NJ
Subject matter expert in optimization, performance, reliability, data networking, SDN, NFV

Kathy leads the Optimization, Reliability and Customer Analytics Department (ORCA). Her team provides AT&T with statistical and data analysis, optimization, and performance and reliability modeling to optimize AT&T’s networks, services and customer experience. Kathy joined AT&T Bell Laboratories in 1984 in the Network Design and Performance Analysis Department. During her time in AT&T Labs, Kathy served as a performance, reliability and scalability consultant to organizations within AT&T, for a variety of telephone, mobile, security and IP services. In 2005, Kathy joined AT&T Government Solutions as a Technical Manager, where she was responsible for operating a large private network, as well as for defining new technologies and services for the network. She was promoted to Executive Director of the Network Engineering and Operations Division in Government Solutions in 2009, and returned to AT&T Labs in 2012.

Kathy received her Ph.D. in Operations Research from the University of Delaware in 1984 with a research focus in Applied Probability and Queueing Theory. Prior to obtaining her Ph.D., she spent a year at the University of Stuttgart and at Technion. In 1991, she was a visiting researcher at Rutgers University Wireless Information Network Lab.

Kathy resides in Cranbury, New Jersey. She and her husband have three young adult sons. In her free time Kathy enjoys traveling, gardening and reading.


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