Robert E. Potok

Potok, Robert E.
200 S. Laurel Ave D5 3D36
Middletown, NJ
Subject matter expert in Customer definition and profiling; numerical methods; time-series analysis; heuristics; broad range of sort, search, and simulation algorithms; Dun & Bradstreet; AT&T Billing (remit level and sub-ledger)

B.S., Physics, Carnegie-Mellon University  1975

Physicist, Lawrence Livermore Laboratories, Summers 1977 1978

Sc.D., Nuclear Engineering, Plasma Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1980

Compuational Engineer, Research Staff, M.I.T Plasma Fusion Center 1980-1988

AT&T 1988 - present; working on a wide variety of customer-centric and network-centric analytics