Eric Zavesky

Zavesky, Eric
9505 Arboretum Blvd #3S05B
Austin, TX
Subject matter expert in interactive video indexing and retrieval, multimedia content processing, multimodal interfaces, machine learning, biometrics, data mining, and natural language processing.

Eric Zavesky joined AT&T Labs Research in October 2009 as a Principle Member of Technical Staff.  At AT&T, he has collaborated on several projects to bring alternative query and retrieval representations to multimedia indexing systems including object-based query, biometric representations for personal authentication, and work to incorporate spatio-temporal information into near-duplicate copy detection.  His prior work at Columbia University studied semantic visual representations of content and low-latency, high-accuracy interactive search. 

Assistive Technology, At AT&T Labs - Research, we apply our speech, language and media technologies to give people with disabilities more independence, privacy and autonomy.

Connecting Your World, The need to be connected is greater than ever, and AT&T Researchers are creating new ways for people to connect with one another and with their environments, whether it's their home, office, or car.

Content Analytics - distill content into visual and statistical representations, Content analytics break down audio and video content into smaller visual or statistical representations for easier detection of anomalies, trends, and patterns.

Content Augmenting Media (CAM), Leverage multimedia metadata to provide live alerts and intelligent content consumption.

Content-Based Copy Detection, Content-based Copy Detection is an enabling technology to discover repeated content and events in a large-scale content database.

Enhanced Indexing and Representation with Vision-Based Biometrics, Leveraging visual biometrics for indexing and representations of content for retrieval and verification.

iMIRACLE - Content Retrieval on Mobile Devices with Speech, iMIRACLE uses large vocabulary speech recognition for content retrieval with metadata words (titles, genre, channels, etc.) and content words that occur in recorded programs.

MIRACLE and the Content Analysis Engine (CAE), The Multimedia Information Retrieval by Content (MIRACLE) project encompasses the technologies for video indexing, analysis, and retrieval with audio, textual, and visual content information.

VidCat - Simplified Personal Photo and Video Managmenet, VidCat permits simplified personal photo and video management (i.e. a Video Catalog) from a webpage or your favorite mobile device.

Video - Analytics and Indexing, A background on analytics and indexing (i.e. metadata), their production, and use. Links to projects within the AT&T Video and Multimedia Technologies and Research Department.

Video - Content Delivery and Consumption, A background on the delivery and consumption of video and multimedia and references to projects within the AT&T Video and Multimedia Technologies and Services Research Department.

Video and Multimedia Technologies Research, The AT&T Video and Multimedia Technologies Research Department strives to acquire multimedia and video for indexing,retrieval,and consumption with textual,semantic,and visual modalities.

Visual API - Visual Intelligence for your Applications, The Visual API provides Visual Intelligence to applications and developers through REST-based APIs powered by the AT&T Developer Program.

Visual Semantics for Intuitive Mid-Level Representations, Represent content with mid-level visual semantics for retrieval, filtering, and tagging.

Technical Documents

Appearance, Visual and Social Ensembles for Face Recognition in Personal Photo Collections
Eric Zavesky, Raghuraman Gopalan, Archana Sapkota
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AT&T Research at TRECVID 2011
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Eric Zavesky, Behzad Shahraray, Zhu Liu, Neela Sawant
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Telepresence Simulation With Multiple Interconnected Devices, October 21, 2014
Calibrating Vision Systems, October 14, 2014
Method And Apparatus For Automated Analysis And Identification Of A Person In Image And Video Content, July 29, 2014
Brief And High-Interest Video Summary Generation, June 5, 2012


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