Taniya Mishra demonstrates the StorEBook expressive e-reader

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Wed Feb 22 17:34:00 EST 2012


Another application that is very dear to my heart is automatic narration of children's stories.  What this application is intended to do is that it is intended to read children's stories as someone's parent would.  You would want, you know, Goldilocks to appear afraid when she sees the three bears show up.  You would want baby bear to sound very disappointed when he finds that somebody has eaten his porridge and broken his chair and slept in his bed.

[boy's voice] Come quick, Mama!  Papa!  Someone's here in my bed!

Another thought that came to my mind was, why not also make it a educational tool of sorts.  So what I've done is that as the story is being narrated, I have in synchrony highlighted the words.  So now they are seeing and, uh, hearing at the same time.

I see a couple directions that the Storyteller system that I have been working on could take.  One of them is actually creation of personalized voices.  Daddy's voice could be used as Pappa bear.  And Mom's voice could be used as Mamma bear.

The StoryEbook application could be used for many other applications and one of them would be helping people who are illiterate let's say in developing countries, uh, learn how to read.  And this could be geared towards adults.  It could also be a very important means to conveying information that they need to have but they can't have because they cannot read.