Enterprise Federation

Mobile connectivity amongst colleagues is a must in today’s world. From instant messaging services, to emails, online presence and calendars, we like to know what’s going on around us. Considering the variety of enterprise-level software, connecting and collaborating across different organizations can be challenging – particularly when cross-functional teams are also cross-company teams. Researchers at AT&T Labs have created a solution to this conundrum through Federation as a Service. The system federates messages, calendar, instant messaging and online presence across the varying software systems to enable businesses to more effectively communicate and collaborate. By connecting two organizations with separate systems, workers can make a seamless connection between calendars and presence information so that hybrid teams and colleagues can work together more easily.

Federation:  When multiple independent systems are connected together to share a common interest, but maintain complete autonomy. The community that is created must provide common value to all parties and operates under an agreement which can be changed or terminated in the future. Enterprise federation in telecommunications would mean connecting independent companies to share common information but maintain some control over the information shared. The control could be managed by the IT organization of each company in the federation.

Research Activities
Federation in the enterprise includes Directory, Presence, Instant Messaging, Calendaring, Voice, Video Communications, Social Media, collaboration tools, and Business applications.

Video/Audio/Messaging Communications includes work on Mass Market Video Calling, Enterprise communications, video conferencing, interoperability, and video analytics/metrics.