Information Visualization Research - Prototypes and Systems

This is a brief synopsis of current and recent projects.
  • Swift and Graphviz (described in separate pages). 
  • LiveRAC: a zooming viewer for large sets of time series, applied to system management. This collaboration was initiated by Tamara Munzner and Peter McLachlan at the University of British Columbia.
  • Gmap: is a new extension to Graphviz that plots network-based data, such as recommendations, using a geographic map metaphor.
  • GPU algorithms for problems like pattern matching in data streams and map simplification.
  • Automatic change detection in multivariate data streams
  • New paradigms for displaying Internet Service Provider relationships, based on Graphviz' smyrna.
  • Geo-spatial visualization methods: shape preserving cartograms, pixel-based displays.

Project Members

Donald Caldwell

Emden Gansner

Yifan Hu

James Klosowski

Eleftherios Koutsofios

Shankar Krishnan

Stephen North

Carlos Scheidegger


Graphviz System for Network Visualization

AT&T 3D Lab

Swift - Visualization of Communication Services at Scale

Related Projects

Project Space

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Assistive Technology

CHI Scan (Computer Human Interaction Scan)

CoCITe – Coordinating Changes in Text

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E4SS - ECharts for SIP Servlets

Scalable Ad Hoc Wireless Geocast

AT&T 3D Lab

Graphviz System for Network Visualization

Swift - Visualization of Communication Services at Scale

Smart Grid

Speech Mashup

Omni Channel Analytics

Speech translation

StratoSIP: SIP at a Very High Level


Content Augmenting Media (CAM)

Content-Based Copy Detection

Content Acquisition Processing, Monitoring, and Forensics for AT&T Services (CONSENT)

Content Analytics - distill content into visual and statistical representations

MIRACLE and the Content Analysis Engine (CAE)

Social TV - View and Contribute to Public Opinions about Your Content Live

Visual API - Visual Intelligence for your Applications

Enhanced Indexing and Representation with Vision-Based Biometrics

Visual Semantics for Intuitive Mid-Level Representations

eClips - Personalized Content Clip Retrieval and Delivery

iMIRACLE - Content Retrieval on Mobile Devices with Speech

AT&T WATSON (SM) Speech Technologies

Wireless Demand Forecasting, Network Capacity Analysis, and Performance Optimization