Omni Channel Analytics


The Interactive Analytics eXplorer (IAX) is a platform for omni-channel customer care analytics.

The IAX platform links data from customer care interactions, including:

  • Chat transcripts
  • IVR logs
  • Voice call case notes
  • Voice call audio (coming soon)
  • Social media interactions (coming soon)
  • Survey results

The platform provides a number of analysis modules to augment the data provided in the customer interactions.  Among these are natural language processing tools for examining the unstructured data, and machine learning tools to build predictive and descriptive models.

The current platform focuses on chat interactions using transcripts from LivePerson, the current vendor for all AT&T chat care systems.

The IAX application is a web-browser-based user interface for exploring these sets of linked data to allow customer care business unit managers, care agent vendor managers, and data scientists to solve business problems.  The application provides multiple views on customer care data using linked interactive charts to filter the data along many different structured and unstructured attributes.  The filtered views allow for drilling down to individual interactions and downloading of data for local analysis of the data using tools such as Microsoft Excel, R-Cloud, and others.


 In addition to aggregate customer views, IAX provides views on individual customer interaction histories.

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Project Members

Mazin Gilbert

Christopher Rath

David Kapilow

Tan Xu


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