eClips - Personalized Content Clip Retrieval and Delivery

What is eClips?

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The eClips project delivers customized video content based upon user profiles and is based upon the MIRACLE platform. eClips is a personalization service that automatically extracts multimedia content segments based on individual preferences (key terms/words, content source, etc.), which the user identifies in a profile. All definitions in a user profile are continually checked against new content in the system. The service platform alerts the user that segments have been identified and extracted and the user may then view/play these automatically.


A prototype has been constructed for the IE browser and is included below. At this time this prototype is not available for public viewing, but if you are visiting from within AT&T, you can access this prototype from the the prototype setup page for system requirements.

Client Example

eClips Playback

In this example, content is streamed to your device into the window on the left. On the right, a brief summary of clips that were found as relevant to a user's profile are displayed. The user can navigate to different clips by click on them and also provide feedback (i.e. "relevant" and "non-relevant") which the system can use to re-rank current results and better detect relevant results for future queries.  


Project Members

David Gibbon

Bernard Renger

Behzad Shahraray

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