Wireless Demand Forecasting, Network Capacity Analysis, and Performance Optimization

We employ state-of-the art analytical approaches encompassing:

  • Statistical methods
  • Constraint optimization techniques (math programming framework)
  • Queuing models - Graph theory
  • Network flow models

for wireless traffic engineering, network capacity analysis, optimization, and forecasting as well as for network performance optimization.

Using these techniques, in conjunction with cutting-edge software technology, we have created an analytical platform called NOVA (Network Optimization, Visualization, and Analysis) on which we continue implementing network capacity analysis, forecasting, and network optimization tools. These tools help network planning and performance management organizations in the following areas:

  • Sector level volume and busy hour forecasts (GSM/UMTS/LTE), voice and data
  • Optimal backhaul capacities and forecasts
  • RAN transport capacity optimization (TDM/IP)
  • Microwave network design and optimization
  • GW border design and optimization
  • RF and drive test data mining and analysis
  • Rationalization of customer experience (via Mark-the-Spot app) and network performance
  • Wi-Fi hotspot planning
  • Air interface/spectrum analysis
  • RAN signaling events data mining and analysis
  • RAN performance simulation and modeling

Project Members

Sam Parker

Wenjie Zhao

Syed Aftab

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Wireless Demand Forecasting, Network Capacity Analysis, and Performance Optimization