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Software-Defined Storage
SQM Research: Reinventing Customer Experience
Understanding the Science Behind Small Cell Deployment
From S to R: 35 Years of AT&T Leadership in Statistical Computing
Into Main Memory: Nanocubes for Interactively Visualizing Billion-Point Data Sets
For the Long Haul: Maximizing Transmission Distances for 400-Gb/s Signals over the Existing Grid
When Cell Towers Fail: Quantifying the Customer Impact
Attacking Asthma with Advanced Telehealth Monitoring
Three AT&T Reseachers Named IEEE Fellows
StorEBook: How Goldilocks and the Three Bears is Driving Text-to-Speech Technology
Spam texts: What's being done?
Spam Texts: What's Being Done?
Developers: Make energy efficiency a part of your app development environment
Easy Remote: Television’s First Killer App
AT&T’s Easy Remote: Television’s First Killer App
Robert Schapire explains the paradox of AdaBoost
Building Speech Applications Just Got Easier: AT&T Releases Speech API
Haptic steering wheel and other cloud-based services showcased by AT&T researchers
Sensor Data: A New Threat to Smart Phones?
The Achievement of The Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences
Four AT&T Reseachers Named IEEE, ACM Fellows
Edward McFowland III
AT&T Labs Fellowship Award Winner

Katie Kuksenok
AT&T Labs Fellowship Award Winner

Sean Sanders
AT&T Labs Fellowship Award Winner

AT&T Supports Higher Education in Science & Technology
The Connected States of America maps communities
A Call for More Energy-Efficient Apps
Photon Entanglement over the Fiber-Optic Network
A partnership for a better speech interface
A Collaboration: Network Coding + Reliability
The Official Story on AT&T Mark the Spot
Marcelo Worsley
AT&T Labs Fellowship Award Winner

Yifan Sun
AT&T Labs Fellowship Award Winner

The Data-Driven Approach to Network Management: Innovation Delivered
Statistics Can Find You a Movie, Part 2
Book Interview: Chuck Kalmanek
Network Data with a View on Society
Statistics Can Find You a Movie, Part 1
Tech View: Laying the Groundwork for the Coming Smart Grid
Telehealth: Transforming from Sickness Treatment to Wellness Management
Mapping Preferences: A Harry Potter Topology
Inside the Labs: A Summer Intern Making A Difference
Tech View: Technology for Making TV Viewing Easy
Getting and Understanding the Bigger Picture
Tech View: Network Science and the Internet: Lessons Learned
Tech View: Cognitive Radio for Multimedia Home Networks
Tech View: The Role of Telehealth Remote Monitoring in Healthcare Reform