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You are welcome to download and use the software tools appearing on this page that have been developed by AT&T Labs researchers.  Please reference the individual project web pages for specific license agreements. If an available license agreement does not meet your needs, please contact for assistance with a customized license.


AST: Advanced Software Technologies Open Source Collection

CDT: Container Data Types Library

ECharts: A state machine-based programming language

FastRWeb: FastRWeb is an infrastructure for web-based reporting, data analysis and visualization using R.

GGobi: Data visualization for high-dimensional data

GSDjVu/DjVuDigital: Ghostscript driver to convert PS and PDF files to DjVu files

Graphviz: Tools for viewing and interacting with graph diagrams

Nanocubes: Fast Visualization of Large Spatiotemporal Datasets

PADS: Processing Arbitrary Data Streams

Plotdata: A small JavaScript library which allows bar and/or run graphs to easily be created and updated.

Rserve: Rserve is a client/server infrastructure allowing the use of R from a large number of languages and environments.

Sfio: Portable library for performing I/O

Spatial Index Library: Generic main memory and disk based storage managers

UWIN: Unix on Windows 95 and NT Machines

Vcodex: Software package for data transformation

WSP: Web Scraping Proxy

Yoix: The Yoix Scripting Language and Interpreter

dss: dss (data stream scan) is a framework for describing, transforming, reading, querying, and writing streams of record oriented data.

fastshp: Tools for manipulation of shapefiles, optimized for speed in order to handle very large shapefiles (such as complete TIGER/Line databases).

iPlots eXtreme: High-performance interactive graphics for the analysis of big data.

iPlots: Interactive graphics for data analysis in R

iv: iv is a fast software implementation of the IPv4 and IPv6 LPM (longest prefix match) algorithms.

jSPaRKy: jSPaRKy v2.0 is a freely-available sentence planner implemented in Java.

lpm: lpm is a fast software implementation of the IPv4 LPM (longest prefix match) algorithm.

snippets: A collection of R tools frequently used with AT&T data, such as plotting data on maps, word clouds, recursive plot layout, smart labels etc.

Twitterscope: Data Management / Text Mining

vmalloc: Region Memory Allocator

BoosTexter: A general purpose machine-learning program

ASDT: The AT&T Statistical Dialog Toolkit (ASDT)

Natural Voices:

More and more nowadays devices talk back to you. Where before it was common to hear phone dialog systems speaking to you (and understanding), an increasing number of personal devices--laptops, smart phones, GSP navigation systems, and game devices talk to you, too.


A package for speech recognition, language modeling, voice biometrics and building of speech-based services.