AT&T Technology Showcase 2009

Thu Nov 05 13:00:00 EST 2009

The AT&T Technology Showcase is an event to highlight some of AT&T's exciting innovation, with cool new technologies and services. There will be open demos and presentations for the audience of bloggers, media, and industry analysts. Demos include Remote Medical Monitoring, Speech Recognition Technologies, IPTV Applications, Recommenders, Visualizers, Geocast C2C Phones, Air Graffiti, Emerging Devices, and more.


Lusheng Ji of AT&T Labs Research discusses wireless-network health research projects, including smart slippers and remote monitoring of pill-taking.



Future applications for GeoCasting could range from athletic gaming to disaster response. Dr. Robert D. Hall, an AT&T Labs Research investigator, demonstrates work on a system in which mobile devices in a geographic area could communicate without a wireless network.



Dave Kormann of AT&T Labs Research explains a concept prototype called AirGraffiti, in which users can place videos, photos and songs in the air at physical addresses for friends or others to retrieve when they visit that location. The research is in the area of location-based services platforms.


Photo of John Donovan

John Donovan is chief technology officer for AT&T. In this role, he oversees the company's global technology direction and innovation road map, including product development, network and engineering operations, AT&T Labs and the security and intellectual property organizations.