Human-Centered Systems for Sustainable Living

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Wed Apr 13 14:27:00 EDT 2011

Reducing our ecological footprint requires not only new energy technologies but also new and more
efficient energy use. But changing the way we use energy is proving challenging. A key part of this includes the homes we live in. Our research is concerned with how we can use interactive and mobile technologies to help residents make better energy and resource use decisions. In this talk, i will introduce some of the issues and describe our work on ALIS, the interactive system we have built for use in sustainable homes. I'll briefly discuss how we applied this in two recent highly efficient houses: North House, the 2009 4th place entry in the International Solar decathlon, and West House, our newest industry-academic collaboration.  Recently showcased at the 2010 Olympics, West House just relocated to its permanent site as a technology research space and an occupied living lab to further prototype and study residential methods to support sustainable living.


Dr. Lyn Bartram Assistant Professor in the School of Interactive Arts & Technology Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, CANADA

Dr. Lyn Bartram is Assistant Professor in the School  of Interactive Arts & Technology at SFU. With Professor Rob Woodbury she leads the Human-Centered Systems for Sustainable Living research group. Her work explores  the intersecting potential of information technologies, ubiquitous computing, social media and sustainable building design in encouraging conservation and reducing our ecological footprint in our homes and personal activities. Her research draws from a background in computer science, human-computer interaction, computer-supported collaborative work and perceptual and cognitive psychology. She has  a long-standing  interest in how humans interact with complex information ecosystems. Over the last 2.5 years  she has led the design and development of two high profile systems for aware living: North House and West House. North House. a fully net-zero house developed by a pan-Canadian team of University of Waterloo, SFU and Ryerson University, recently placed 4th at the 2009 International Solar Decathlon in Washington, DC.  Bartram and Woodbury followed the success of North House with the SFU--led West House project, a fully made-in-Vancouver sustainable home that brings together the City of Vancouver, the public utilities (BC Hydro and Terasen Gas), and a number of industrial and non-profit partners.