Big and Fast Data in the City

Fri Aug 03 11:00:00 EDT 2012

Cities are increasingly seen as the crucibles where the success or failure of our society is determined. The Smarter Cities vision is to bring a new level of intelligence to how the world works — how every person, business,organization, government, natural system, and man-made system interacts. IBM Research’s Smarter Cities Technology Centre is conducting research to make cities more efficient, productive, and enjoyable by leveraging the big and fast data generated by cities, their citizens, and their utilities. We are creating technology to continuously assimilate diverse and noisy data sources for better awareness and prediction, to model how humans use city infrastructure and infer demand, to factor uncertainty and risk into optimized planning and operations, and to organise open data and knowledge to engage citizens, empower universities, and enable business.


Lisa Amini

Lisa Amini is a Distinguished Engineer and first Director of IBM Research Ireland, including the Smarter Cities Technology Centre (SCTC). SCTC Researchers focus on advancing science and technology for intelligent urban and environmental systems, with current focus on analytics, optimizations, and knowledge representation for sustainable energy, water management, and transportation. Lisa was at IBM’s TJ Watson Research Center for 14 years, where she was a Senior Research Manager and founding Chief Architect for IBM's InfoSphere Streams product for continuous, high throughput, and low latency mining of intelligence from massive amounts of sensor and other machine generated data. The Streams product is the result of a Research technology, System S, for which Lisa was also architectural lead from inception. She also led her team in formative Smarter Planet/Cities pilots analyzing real-time data for cyber security, manufacturing, telecom, market data analysis, radio astronomy, environmental (water) monitoring, and transportation. Lisa received her PhD degree in Computer Science from Columbia University in NY.

IBM Smarter Cities Technology Centre