att_abstract={{Service providers are evolving to provide more video content on-demand. Customers like to watch a variety of entertainment content of their choice and at a time conducive
to their schedules. Catering to this ever-increasing user base requires careful provisioning by the providers to accommodate for both scale and interactivity. In this paper, we examine the usage pattern of several hundreds of thousands of consumers of a nationwide IPTV service, and confirm that viewers are indeed
migrating to what is called “time-shifted” viewing of television programming and movies using digital video recorders or on demand viewing. We also show how users of on-demand content interactively control their viewing experience using ”stream control” functions such as fast-forward, rewind, skip, replay, etc. Through careful measurements on an IPTV server, we compute the load due to streaming and handling these stream control events. We then extrapolate from these micro-benchmark
measurement  to predict the processing load imposed by users that would resort to using a ”network-based” DVR capability if such a service were offered. We use both detailed trace-driven simulations and a simple operational-analysis based model to
predict the capacity requirements of the server complex in the VHO to serve a large population of customers (e.g. a densely populated city like Mumbai). We provide insights on the number of requests serviced by the server, the average time to service
these requests and the response time as perceived by the client.}},
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