att_abstract={{Interactive graphics provide a very important tool that facilitates the process of exploratory data and model analysis which is a crucial step in real-world applied statistics. Only a very limited set of software exists that provides truly interactive graphics for data analysis, partially because it is not easy to implement. Very often specialized software is created to offer graphics for a particular problem, but many fundamental plots are omitted since it is not considered new research. In this paper we discuss a general framework that allows to create interactive graphics software on a sound foundation that offers consistent user interface, fast prototyping of new plots and extensibility to support interactive models.
In addition, we also discuss one implementation of the general framework: iPlots eXtreme - next-generation interactive graphics for analysis of large data in R. It provides most fundamental plot types and allows new interactive plots to be created. The implementation raises interactive graphics performance to an entirely new level. We will discuss briefly several methods that allowed us to achieve this goal and illustrate the use of advanced programmability features in conjunction with R.}},
	att_categories={C_CCF.9, C_IIS.7, C_NSS.1, C_NSS.16},
	att_copyright_notice={{The definitive version was published in Computational Statistics. {{, 2011-04-01}}
	att_tags={visualization, interactive graphics, R},
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