att_abstract={{Recent studies on cellular network measurement have provided the evidence that significant geospatial correlations, in terms of traffic volume and application access, exist in cellular network usage.  Such geospatial correlation patterns provide local optimization opportunities to cellular network operators for handling the explosive growth in the traffic volume observed in recent years.  In this paper, we aim to characterize the geospatial dynamics of application usage in a 3G cellular data network.  Our analysis is based on two simultaneously collected traces from the radio sub-network (containing location records) and the core sub-network (containing traffic records) of an operational cellular network in the United States.  To better understand the application usage in our data, we first cluster cell locations based on their application distributions and then study the geospatial dynamics of application usage across different geographical regions.  Our study reveals that the cell clustering results are significantly different for traffic volume in terms of byte or packet count, session count, and unique user count distributions across different geographical regions.  The results of our measurement study present operators with fine-grained opportunities to tune network parameter settings.  However, our results also suggest that care should be exercised so that cells are not optimized solely with respect to traffic volume based on byte or packet count, or session count because this may negatively impact other low volume applications that most users in those cells use.}},
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