att_abstract={{Network planners are often requested to provision multiple physically-diverse high-speed circuits over a large carrier's core (inter-city) DWDM network, which consists of multiple layers and heterogeneous vendor systems. Optimally provisioning such circuits while avoiding shared risk link group (SRLG) failures is an NP-hard problem. In this paper, we propose a novel hybrid two-step approach: pre-processing with Integer Linear Programming (ILP) for diverse routing and post-processing for regenerator placement and wavelength assignment. This approach has been implemented in a prototype network planning tool. According to our experiments, most of the cases for a typical large carrier's core transport network can be solved within 1 minute, even with tens of thousands of binary decision variables, which allows interactive use by network planners.}},
	att_authors={dx953w, gl1464, ac2182, dw6462, rd2518},
	att_copyright_notice={{This version of the work is reprinted here with permission of IEEE for your personal use. Not for redistribution. The definitive version was published in International Workshop on Design of Reliable Communication Networks (DRCN) 2011. {{, 2011-10-12}}
	att_tags={Diverse Routing,  SRLG,  ILP,  Heterogeneous Optical Network},
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