att_abstract={{With users increasingly focused on an online world,
an emerging challenge for the network infrastructure is the need
to support Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games
(MMORPG). This is an application domain that is attracting
more players than ever before, very often with players distributed
over a metropolitan area. Currently, MMORPG are built on
an IP infrastructure with the primary responsibility on servers
to do the work of disseminating control messages and having
to predict/retrieve objects in each player’s view. Limited server
resources significantly impair the user’s interactive experience.
Modern fast-paced action games that run on a client/server
architecture limit the number of players who can interact
simultaneously since the server needs to handle the frequent
updates and disseminate them. Scale and timeliness are major
challenges of such a server-oriented gaming architecture.
We propose Gaming over COPS (GCOPS), a communication
infrastructure using a Content-Oriented Pub/Sub system (COPS)
to enable efficient decentralized information dissemination in
MMORPG, exploiting the network and the end-systems for
player management and information dissemination. We emulate
an application that is particularly emblematic of MMORPG
– Counter-Strike – but one in which all the players share
a hierarchical structured map. Using trace-driven simulation,
we demonstrate that GCOPS can achieve high scalability and
tight timeliness requirements of MMORPG. The simulator is
parameterized using the results of careful microbenchmarking
of the open-source CCN implementation and of standard IPbased
forwarding. Our evaluations show that GCOPS provides
considerable performance improvement in terms of aggregate
network load and update latency compared to that of a traditional
IP server-based infrastructure.}},
	att_copyright_notice={{This version of the work is reprinted here with permission of IEEE for your personal use. Not for redistribution. The definitive version was published in 18th IEEE International Workshop on Local and Metropolitan Area Networks. {{, 2011-10-13}}
	att_tags={Content Centric Networks,  Multi-player online games,  Pub/Sub systems},
	author={Kadangode Ramakrishnan and Jiachen Chen, University of Goettingen and Mayutan Arumaithurai, University of Goettingen and Xiaoming Fu, University of Goettingen},
	institution={{18th IEEE International Workshop on Local and Metropolitan Area Networks}},
	title={{Gaming over COPS: A Content Centric Communication Infrastructure for Gaming