att_abstract={{Cloud computing platforms such as Amazon EC2 provide customers with flexible,
on demand resources at low cost. However, while existing offerings are useful for
providing basic computation and storage resources, they have not provided the
transparency, security and network controls that many enterpise customers would
like. While cloud computing has a great potential to change how enterprises
run and manage their IT systems, a more comprehensive control over network
resources and security needs to be provided for such users. Towards this goal, we
propose a Virtual Cloud Pool abstraction to logically unify cloud and enterprise
data center resources, and present the vision behind CloudNet, a cloud platform
architecture which utilizes virtual private networks to securely and seamlessly
link cloud and enterprise sites. It also enables the pooling of resources across
data centers to provide enterprises the capability to have cloud resources that
are dynamic and adaptive to their needs. We describe several usage scenarios for
virtual cloud pools and discuss the benefits of using this abstraction in enterprise
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