att_abstract={{Many data sets contain temporal records over
a long period of time; each record is associated with
a time stamp and describes some aspects of a real-world
entity at that particular time. From such data,
users often wish to search for entities in a particular period
and understand the history of one entity or all entities in
the data set. A major challenge for enabling such search and exploration
is to identify records that describe the same real-world
entity over a long period of time; however, linking
temporal records is hard given that the values that
describe an entity can evolve over time (e.g., a person
can move from one affiliation to another).

We demonstrate the Chronos system
which offers users the useful tool for finding real-world
entities over time and understanding history of entities
in the bibliography domain. The core of Chronos
is a temporal record-linkage algorithm, which is tolerant
to value evolution over time. Our algorithm can obtain an F-measure of
over 0.9 in linking author records and fix errors made by DBLP.
We show how Chronos allows users to explore the history of authors,
and how it helps users understand our linkage results
by comparing our results with those of existing systems,
highlighting differences in the results,
explaining our decisions to users, and answering
``what-if" questions.}},
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