att_abstract={{Balancing a data center’s reliability, cost, and carbon
emissions is challenging. For instance, data centers designed
for high availability require a continuous flow of
power to keep servers powered on, and must limit their
use of clean, but intermittent, renewable energy sources.
In this paper, we present Yank, which uses transient
server abstraction to maintain server availability, while
allowing data centers to “pull the plug” if power becomes
unavailable. A transient server’s defining characteristic
is that it may terminate anytime after a brief advance
warning period. Yank exploits the advance warning—
on the order of a few seconds—to provide high availability
cheaply and efficiently at large scale by using
a single backup server to maintain “live” memory and
disk snapshots for many transient VMs. We implement
Yank inside of Xen. Our experiments show that one
backup server can concurrently support up to 15 transient
VMs with minimal performance degradation with
advance warnings as small as 5 seconds, even when VMs
run memory-intensive interactive web applications.}},
	att_copyright_notice={{The definitive version was published in 2013, Usenix. {{, 2013-04-03}}
	att_tags={Cloud Computing,  Data Centers,  Renewable Energy},
	author={Kadangode Ramakrishnan and Rahul Singh, Univ. of Massachusetts and David Irwin, Univ. of Massachusetts and Prashant Shenoy, Univ. of Massachusetts},
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