att_abstract={{With the recent popularity of mobile data
devices, the demand for mobile data traffic has grown
rapidly as never before. Hence, service providers are
trying to come up with cost effective solutions to
battle this ever increasing demand for bandwidth
in their cellular networks. Deployment of a denser
heterogeneous network with a large number of small
cells, has been identified as an effective strategy not
only to satisfy this unabated growth in the mobile
data traffic, but also to facilitate ubiquitous wireless
access. While the cost associated with on-site small
cell equipment is low in comparison to a typical
macro cell, deployment of small cells opens a new
set of challenges, especially in relation to expenditures
and capacity requirements associated with the
backhaul. In this paper we discuss an efficient smallcell
backhauling strategy that leverages existing fiber
resources in a cost-optimal manner. In particular, we
formulate an optimization framework for planning
a cost-minimized backhaul for a small-cell network,
which is based on the deployment of passive optical
networks (PON) on top of existing infrastructure. We
demonstrate the effectiveness of our method by using
our optimization framework to design a cost-optimal
backhaul for a small portion of AT&T’s network. Our
results show that, in comparison to the typical pointto-
point fiber backhauling approach, our technique
can halve the costs associated with small cell backhaul
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