att_abstract={{We describe a prototype, network-based, video email service targeted to  run on a variety of thin clients from PCs to digital cable set-top boxes.   Email is an attractive starting place for video in the home: (i) it is a  familiar means of communicating for many, (ii) its privacy concerns are  smaller than for interactive video, and (iii) its "critical mass"  requirements may be small since only senders need complete video systems.   Nonetheless, most video email systems are still cumbersome in terms of  hardware, storage and installation processes.  In contrast, our system  architecture requires little client storage since the video is streamed to  a network-based media server while it is being recorded.  The email  recipient receives a message that contains a reference to the  network-stored video file, and it is streamed down for viewing.  We  describe the User Experience design challenges associated with  implementing the system for digital cable set-top boxes. Publisher: Lawrence Erlbaum and Associates Pub/Conf: HCI International Conference Proceedings, 2001 }},
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