att_abstract={{Internet Roaming is an IP-based corporate data network architecture that  provides convenient secure mobile networking across office WLANs,  residential WLANs, public WLANs, and cellular data networks for corporate  wireless data users. It has three building blocks: the IRC (Internet  Roaming Client), the SMG (Secure Mobility Gateway), and the VSA (Virtual  Single Account) server. Working with an SMG and a VSA server, an IRC can  present a single sign-on authentication interface for a user to initiate a  secure connection to a corporate intranet via the best available wireless  network, and maintain the secure connectivity thereafter as the user moves  from one wireless network to another. As a proof of concept, a  software-based prototype system has been developed, which enables a  Windows-based computer to seamlessly roam between WLANs attached to  different subnets while maintaining an encrypted connection to a  Windows-based SMG. A hardware-based IRC that looks like a network  interface card is also under development. It can provide secure mobile  networking for a variety of mobile devices such as PDAs. The measurements  of handoff speed of the software-based prototype system and comparisons  between Internet Roaming and other WLAN/cellular integration methods are  also given in this paper. }},
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