att_abstract={{Cloud computing platforms are growing from clusters of machines within a  data center to networks of data centers with resources spread across the  globe. Virtual machine migration within the LAN has changed the scale of  resource management from allocating resources on a single server to  manipulating pools of resources within a data center. We expect WAN  migration to likewise transform the scope of provisioning from a single  data center to multiple data centers spread across the country or around  the world. In this paper we propose a cloud computing platform linked with  a VPN based network infrastructure that provides seamless connectivity  between enterprise and data center sites, as well as support for live WAN  migration of virtual machines. We describe a set of optimizations that  minimize the cost of transferring persistent storage and moving virtual  machine memory during migrations over low bandwidth, high latency Internet  links. Our evaluation on both a lo- cal testbed and across multiple  geographically distributed data center sites demonstrates that these  improvements can reduce total migration and pause time by over 30%. During  simultaneous migrations of four VMs between Texas and Illinois, Cloud-  Net?s optimizations can reduce memory migration time by 65% and lower  total bandwidth utilization for the storage and memory transfer by 20GB }},
	att_authors={jv2782, kr2812},
	author={Jacobus Van Der Merwe and Kadangode Ramakrishnan and Timothy Wood and Prashant Shenoy},
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