At AT&T, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and data analytics are woven into customer interactions, our software-defined network, and next generation technologies.


From autonomous vehicles to gaming and augmented reality, existing and emerging network-based applications are placing increasingly stringent demands on telecommunications networks as traffic loads continue to soar. Using artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and automation, AT&T scientists and engineers are building on a legacy of innovations to tackle some of the most challenging network problems. Today, cutting-edge Labs innovations form the foundation of much of how we design, plan, and operate one of the world’s largest communications networks. And we continue to push the bounds of technology every day.

A woman looking at real time network traffic on maps

Underlying our innovations lies the data. Data makes our modern world turn, as it informs business decisions, provides solutions to complex problems and ultimately improves the customer experience.  It is one of AT&T’s most valuable assets, and its importance will only continue to grow over time.

Our vision: Customer-focused autonomous networks backed by data, AI-powered analytics and automation to support a plethora of diverse applications: 


Network connectivity in action

Network design & planning

At AT&T, AI/ML permeates the entire network design, planning, and build cycle.  It influences our decisions in designing and acquiring assets such as spectrum and locations for cell sites.  We use it for forecasting traffic and capacity planning as well as building and validating new network equipment. This includes making complex configuration choices for hundreds of thousands of carriers to optimize customer experience.

Network management and optimization

Labs AI-enabled automation innovations ensure that we optimally and efficiently operate our network and services. Our AI innovations use machine learning and predictive analytics to optimize customer experience; learn how to auto-heal the network quickly and effectively; optimally configure very complex network environments; and ensure that we can, in near real-time, get network capacity to where our customers need it. Our AI-based automation innovations also ensure that we efficiently use our resources – for example, reducing our energy consumption and carbon footprint through ML optimized cell site sleeping. 

Customer experience

AT&T is utilizing our award-winning ML-based innovations to enhance customer experiences.  Behind the scenes, AI/ML is also used to anticipate possible service issues and resolve them before the customer notices!  We use AI/ML to efficiently manage field dispatches; eradicate robocalls; detect and automatically remediate misbehaving customer devices; and detect and prevent fraudulent activity on our networks and within our customer accounts.  

Additional areas of focus

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